"Adele came to our house to redesign our living room space. She had discussed some theming options beforehand and we decided to go with a Seashore Theme. She and her crew arrived promptly with lots of décor and prop options. When she and her crew arrived we all moved furniture and decor at her direction while she worked her magic! In just a few hours we had a very light, open, and airy looking living room space with a feeling of being at a seaside getaway. Her attention to details was great! She provided cool area rugs, small furniture options, plants, paintings, and fun seashore themed décor items! She did a great job at transforming our living room to something refreshing and exciting! I would highly recommend Adele’s Shimmering Home Staging Design for your redesign and home sale design needs!"

Very pleased and happy customers!                                                                                                                                                                Joanne and David Le Cocq